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Get Really Skinny on the Ideal Protein Diet

I’m in  my first week of my new “Ideal Protein” diet. I’m feeling really energetic! I know I’ve lost several pounds so far and am anxious to see what my first week’s official loss will be. It’s absolutely amazing how different I feel when I get the excess carbs out of my system. Last weekend (higher carb) I slept late, felt groggy and had little energy. This weekend I woke up early and didn’t feel sleepy or tired all day! The doctor who presented the Ideal Protein plan to me summed it up in a way that was so simple and easy to understand:

We have three “gas tanks” our bodies can get fuel from. The first is carbs & sugar. Our bodies always take it’s fuel from there first. So as long as we are eating grains, fruits, bread and pasta that will be what our bodies run off of – even when we’re working out. The second gas tank our body will go to if there aren’t any carbs and sugars in the body is protein & muscle. This of course is bad, as we need to hang onto our precious muscle! But if we’re getting enough protein from the right sources then the body will get all of it’s energy from the third gas tank, the fat. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  If we are getting relatively low carbs, almost exclusively from non starchy veggies and enough protein (the exact values are different for each person) then we’ll run off of our stored fat. When you begin running off of your body’s fat you start to feel like a new person!

  • More energy
  • Require less sleep
  • Scale moves down quickly
  • Inches lost
  • Ability to think more clearly

These are all of my own personal observations but the effects seem to be standard.

I go back to the doctor to weigh in and find out how my body fat % has changed this week. Very excited to see!

Weigh-In Week Four

Lost another two pounds! At this point in the game losing a couple of pounds a week is stellar, but it feels like going at a snail’s pace. When I think that I only have twenty pounds to go, it boggles my mind.

Weigh-In Results Week Three

Another week, another pound. Twenty two to go… I was much better last week with my exercise. I did my Tracy Anderson Perfect Design #1 video six days and some sort of cardio five or six of those days. I wrote out my food plans and they came in at under 1200 calories each day BUT after I ate everything on my list I kept going!!! Even though I’d eaten all the food that was written in my little notebook I decided that an extra bowl of fruit wouldn’t matter. Then I decided that a handful of almonds wouldn’t matter either. Well, sadly I proved to myself for the 4,782 time that the extra does matter – even if said extra is healthy! I’m still a firm believer that healthy food should be “all you can eat.” If I start a petition do you think we can make that happen?

Weigh-In Results Week Two

Tuesday- weigh in day. Lost 2.5lbs again this week! That is 5lbs lost in two weeks, 23 more lbs to my goal weight. I feel like it would’ve been more if I hadn’t been so SORRY and done my cardio like I should have! I did my toning each morning but shrugged off my night time exercise. This week will be different – better – I swear!