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New Super Skinny Goal on Ideal Protein

 With the new year, I’ve changed things around yet again. Instead of counting calories, which works while I’m doing it, but just can’t seem to stick to for more than a week at a time, I am starting a formal weight loss program.  My chiropractor lost over 50lbs doing the Ideal Protein plan. It was devised over twenty years ago in France for the athletes there who needed to lose fat but retain all of their muscle mass. It’s been around in Canada for ten years and has come to the US more recently. It does have prepackaged foods which I usually avoid like the plague, but these are made using higher standards than the “other” ones we’re used to hearing about in every other t.v. commercial. It uses the same low carb principal I used to lose over 160lbs but with added convenience and portability.

I will go to my chiropractor’s office each week in the beginning and go over my food diary, get weighed and scanned for body fat percentage. At this point I want to lose 10% body fat. During my initial visit last week, I was at 28% body fat. I was at 25% six weeks earlier but had some unfortunate fruit, oatmeal and honey binges. C’est la vie. I don’t know what that translates into with the number of pounds I need to lose as I also need to build muscle. I wasn’t careful during my big weight loss about getting enough protein in each day and so I lost a lot of muscle mass along with the fat. Now I have to turn that around.

I vow to work out six days a week – 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes toning/muscle building with my new wonderful, magical Tracy Anderson videos. I’ll also do at least a couple of hours of indoor rock climbing per week and of course my ballroom dance lessons. That coupled with my perfected eating plan should get me to my goal by Spring! I have my heart set on wearing some of the new gorgeous spring dresses with wedge sandals – super cute!!!

Weigh-In Results Week Three

Another week, another pound. Twenty two to go… I was much better last week with my exercise. I did my Tracy Anderson Perfect Design #1 video six days and some sort of cardio five or six of those days. I wrote out my food plans and they came in at under 1200 calories each day BUT after I ate everything on my list I kept going!!! Even though I’d eaten all the food that was written in my little notebook I decided that an extra bowl of fruit wouldn’t matter. Then I decided that a handful of almonds wouldn’t matter either. Well, sadly I proved to myself for the 4,782 time that the extra does matter – even if said extra is healthy! I’m still a firm believer that healthy food should be “all you can eat.” If I start a petition do you think we can make that happen?

Weigh-In Results Week One

I had my official weigh in after my first week of counting calories and I lost 2.5lbs! I’ve been doing my Tracy Anderson workouts and I’ve lost several inches from my waist/hips too! That Tracy is a miracle worker! Guess this means that the calories will be counted for another week. Sure hope I can make similar progress this week…

Boot Camp

I finally got it together last week and began my new workout regime in earnest. I’ve been getting up at 5:00 a.m and doing an hour of toning with my The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD.  Tracy says to do a “muscular structure” video every day six days per week and change to a different video every ten workouts. Today was my fifth day of the mat video and after five more I’ll switch to her Perfect Design Series One.  Then each evening I do 40 to 60 minutes of cardio. I either walk outside – especially now when the temperature is so great – or elliptical & treadmill at the gym or “dance” around in my bedroom. So in a nutshell; I’m doing two workouts per day, six days per week.

To shake things up a little further I decided to join a boot camp two nights per week. I’ve never done one and was really nervous about it. I had visions from The Biggest Loser of screaming trainers and the poor participants collapsing all over the floor. I suited up and showed up earlier tonight, ready for anything. We were in a gymnasium which brought me straight back to gym class in elementary school. I was much relieved when my super-trim trainer was smiling and sweet through the entire hour. We lunged, squatted, ran, kicked, planked and yes – I actually ran laps around the gym. I was red faced and gasping for air before too long but as we ended the class with some relaxing yoga I was so glad I’d joined.

Two hours later I’m feeling exactly how I imagine  over cooked spaghetti must feel. I’m wondering how I’ll manage to get my face washed tonight without actually raising my arms…

The Tracy Anderson Method

As I am getting closer to my weight loss goal, (30 lbs left to lose) it is obvious that I need to increase my activity level – a lot. I was losing about 2-3 lbs per week and now have to fight to get rid of 1lb a week. I’d love to begin jogging as the “runners high” sounds pretty great, but my knees have voted “no” on that one. I’ve decided to try the Tracy Anderson Method of exercising as an experiment to see if I can kick my weight loss into high gear. For those who don’t know, Tracy Anderson is a trainer to several celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox and Emily Blunt, who attribute their fabulous physiques to Tracy’s method.

The Method instructs you to exercise each morning and each night, six days per week. One of the workouts is primarily toning and the other is all cardio. She does sell a few videos and has webisodes which you can use exclusively. Up until now I’ve done one workout per day, six days per week which was almost all cardio. I’ve been very bad because I’ve ignored my toning/strength training and don’t have good muscle tone. I cringe every time I remember that short sleeve weather will be here soon. Since Tracy is all about working every muscle and not just the major ones she promises extraordinary results.

Well, I’m about to put those promises to the test. I’ve just ordered her newest videos which I’ll alternate with her original ones I already have. At least I’ll try to do the cardio as the last time I attempted it, I practically wound up a tangled broken heap on the floor. Yes, it is that tough and that complicated. We’ll see, I may keep my nightly cardio the same for now with a mix and match of biking, elliptical, treadmill, hula hoop and stairs. I’m beginning this morning with the mat DVD for my toning and then I’ll go to the gym this afternoon for cardio.

I have great expectations (grandiose?) for what doubling my number of workouts will do for me. If I’m having to get up at 5:00a.m to tone then my results better damn well be spectacular!