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The Pound a Day Diet by Rocco Dispirito

I am so very impressed. I really love the premise of this book. And I am also willing to bet that it will make a sizable portion of the American public upset. Rocco’s whole shtick is something he calls, “calorie correcting.” What he means is low calorie. As in 850 calories a day for five days out of the week and then the two remaining days are 1,200 calorie days. He says that if you follow this guideline, paired with about an hour of cardio a day, that you will lose about a pound a day. A POUND A DAY for the duration of your weight loss.

Sign me up. I like it.

The allotted calories are made up of a Mediterranean type of diet:

Tons of Veggies – especially green


Olive oil

Whole grains and grain products

Lean Meats, especially fish


That sounds totally delicious!

The traditional thinking for most of us is that we need lots of calories – don’t want to slow that metabolism down, do we?  And slow and steady weight loss is best – don’t want to gain it all right back, do we? But Mr. Dispirito cites studies which support that nutritionally supported rapid weight loss is more exciting and keeps people more committed to their weight loss plan.  Then he lays out a moderate maintenance plan which keeps the new weight set point stable, and voila!   I don’t know about you, but if I see the light at the end of the tunnel speedily approaching, I’ll be much less apt to throw in the towel.

I’m anxious to begin – can’t wait to see if I can get the pound a day results!

Burning Fat & Building Muscle on a Rebounder

I have been coming up with all manner of excuses this winter (the winter that will never end) for not walking outside. And as a Tracy Anderson devotee I thought I’d try one of the tools she advocates in some of her workouts – the rebounder. I ordered an Urban Rebounder from one of the home shopping networks. It was about $100 and they even broke it up into three pymts so it was painless. It was easy to put together and seems to be good decent quality.

The first few days I just walked and bounced around a bit for, maybe 5 – 10 minutes tops. Oh My Gosh. I absolutely could not believe it when the next day I was actually sore! And I was sore in the strangest places – the muscles along my spine were even sore. And I was thrilled that the muscles on the back of my thighs were feeling it too! It is amazing to me that just having some fun for a few minutes on this incredible mini trampoline can actually build muscle and burn calories at a terrific rate.

There’s tons of info on the internet if you search “benefits of rebounding” that I believe now to be completely true. The calories burned are compared to jogging more so than walking without all the damage done to your joints. So many tiny muscles which usually lay dormant are awakened because you are having to keep your balance while jumping around.

So if you want to try out a rebounder just set it up in front of your tv and every day or so while you are watching a show just spend 5 – 30 minutes:

  • Doing jumping jacks
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Twisting
  • Shuffling backward/forward & side to side

and voila! You are burning an impressive amount of calories, having fun and building muscle, which helps lower your body fat percentage.


Get Really Skinny on the Ideal Protein Diet

I’m in  my first week of my new “Ideal Protein” diet. I’m feeling really energetic! I know I’ve lost several pounds so far and am anxious to see what my first week’s official loss will be. It’s absolutely amazing how different I feel when I get the excess carbs out of my system. Last weekend (higher carb) I slept late, felt groggy and had little energy. This weekend I woke up early and didn’t feel sleepy or tired all day! The doctor who presented the Ideal Protein plan to me summed it up in a way that was so simple and easy to understand:

We have three “gas tanks” our bodies can get fuel from. The first is carbs & sugar. Our bodies always take it’s fuel from there first. So as long as we are eating grains, fruits, bread and pasta that will be what our bodies run off of – even when we’re working out. The second gas tank our body will go to if there aren’t any carbs and sugars in the body is protein & muscle. This of course is bad, as we need to hang onto our precious muscle! But if we’re getting enough protein from the right sources then the body will get all of it’s energy from the third gas tank, the fat. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  If we are getting relatively low carbs, almost exclusively from non starchy veggies and enough protein (the exact values are different for each person) then we’ll run off of our stored fat. When you begin running off of your body’s fat you start to feel like a new person!

  • More energy
  • Require less sleep
  • Scale moves down quickly
  • Inches lost
  • Ability to think more clearly

These are all of my own personal observations but the effects seem to be standard.

I go back to the doctor to weigh in and find out how my body fat % has changed this week. Very excited to see!

From Flabby to Fit in Four Months by Rock Climbing

Okay, I have a new challenge before me. An experiment, really. What do you think? Can I go from being a relatively out of shape, soft, doughy wimp to being an athletic, toned, lean, mean rock climbing machine? In four months?  I say that I can. Let’s put this hypothesis to the test, shall we?

About two months ago an avid rock climber friend suggested that I too try rock climbing. I had, before that conversation, never EVER even considered trying to haul myself up a rock wall. It seems that these days I’m liable to try just about anything so I agreed and drove to the nearest indoor rock climbing gym and gave it a shot. I had to take a belaying (tying the ropes correctly and not letting your climbing partner free fall off of the wall) lesson first before they’d let me climb. When it was my turn to start the climb, I was a nervous wreck! I was stunned to find that not only could I make it to the top (terrible form & technique not withstanding) but I actually liked it! The wave of accomplishment I felt when I reached the top was intense and I was  immediately hooked .

Given the previously mentioned terrible form and technique, I dislocated my wrist during my second visit to the rock wall. After a trip to my chiropractor to set it I was back to my new obsession. I was too excited to waste my time warming up and stretching and went up the wall immediately upon arrival. Then came the second dislocated wrist. Sigh…  I’ve since read that you can learn a lot about yourself while doing this sport so I guess my first lesson was patience.  This time my wrist didn’t want to stay back in it’s proper place so I had several more visits to the chiropractor and a lot of at home therapy. My illustrious two months of climbing has boiled down to about five whole climbing sessions.

The Challenge: my rock climber friend invited me on an outdoor climb which takes place exactly four months from now. It’s in an amazing country I’ve never even been near and the trip sounds just too terrific to pass up. So, I have until June to lose at least 10% body fat and around 20lbs, build lean muscle mass and become a bona fide rock climber.

Deep breaths, deep breaths….

New Super Skinny Goal on Ideal Protein

 With the new year, I’ve changed things around yet again. Instead of counting calories, which works while I’m doing it, but just can’t seem to stick to for more than a week at a time, I am starting a formal weight loss program.  My chiropractor lost over 50lbs doing the Ideal Protein plan. It was devised over twenty years ago in France for the athletes there who needed to lose fat but retain all of their muscle mass. It’s been around in Canada for ten years and has come to the US more recently. It does have prepackaged foods which I usually avoid like the plague, but these are made using higher standards than the “other” ones we’re used to hearing about in every other t.v. commercial. It uses the same low carb principal I used to lose over 160lbs but with added convenience and portability.

I will go to my chiropractor’s office each week in the beginning and go over my food diary, get weighed and scanned for body fat percentage. At this point I want to lose 10% body fat. During my initial visit last week, I was at 28% body fat. I was at 25% six weeks earlier but had some unfortunate fruit, oatmeal and honey binges. C’est la vie. I don’t know what that translates into with the number of pounds I need to lose as I also need to build muscle. I wasn’t careful during my big weight loss about getting enough protein in each day and so I lost a lot of muscle mass along with the fat. Now I have to turn that around.

I vow to work out six days a week – 30 minutes cardio and 30 minutes toning/muscle building with my new wonderful, magical Tracy Anderson videos. I’ll also do at least a couple of hours of indoor rock climbing per week and of course my ballroom dance lessons. That coupled with my perfected eating plan should get me to my goal by Spring! I have my heart set on wearing some of the new gorgeous spring dresses with wedge sandals – super cute!!!

Weigh-In Results Week Three

Another week, another pound. Twenty two to go… I was much better last week with my exercise. I did my Tracy Anderson Perfect Design #1 video six days and some sort of cardio five or six of those days. I wrote out my food plans and they came in at under 1200 calories each day BUT after I ate everything on my list I kept going!!! Even though I’d eaten all the food that was written in my little notebook I decided that an extra bowl of fruit wouldn’t matter. Then I decided that a handful of almonds wouldn’t matter either. Well, sadly I proved to myself for the 4,782 time that the extra does matter – even if said extra is healthy! I’m still a firm believer that healthy food should be “all you can eat.” If I start a petition do you think we can make that happen?