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Hoop Dancing

It is so easy to fall into an exercise rut. Walking on your treadmill everyday is nice but can become mind numbing. If left to my own devices I tend to rely solely on the elliptical . Most of the time I prefer to mentally “check out” while exercising. If I don’t have to think about what I’m doing then I can just kind of meditate and let my mind wander.
But I think we live too much of our lives on auto pilot which is why we need to shake up our routines a bit. When a friend of mine told me she bought a hula hoop for exercising I got really excited about the idea. I was giddy while looking at all the choices available on the internet. I had no idea so many people were out there hooping! I spent forever trying to decide whether the weighted or non-weighted would be better and what the proper circumference of my prospective hoop should be… After extensive research (I HAVE to compulsively research everything) I finally chose the Gypsy Rose hoop (all pink and silver and shiny) from Hoopnotica along with an instructional video.
Now when I want to do something silly and fun I get out my hoop and laugh at myself while trying to keep my hoop aloft as long as I can. I’m ready now to get out my video and start learning some new hoop tricks. So go ahead and pick something new and fun to do! It will wake you up, make you laugh and whittle your waist too! (That’s what I’m counting on, anyway)