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A Cow Says…




Do you want strong bones? Do you want health, happiness and vitality? Then you’d better be getting your dairy! If you think you’re getting enough then think again. It’s never enough – if you believe the numerous celebrity filled ads and commercials. Why does the dairy industry care so much about our health? The broccoli industry sure doesn’t seem to. And I feel totally ignored by the artichoke people.

The Dairy Industry is ju
st that – an industry. Why does any industry exist? To make money – period.  Don’t misunderstand; being in business to make money is fine with me. But if your business means brainwashing and misleading the population at the expense of their health then I have a huge problem with that. This issue is now where the tobacco industry used to be when cigarette ads were done by doctors declaring smoking to be healthy. (Find some of those commercials on the internet, they’re wild!)  Nowadays if someone chooses to smoke then that is their decision to make. They are well aware of the consequences and voluntarily choose to take the associated risks.  Do you know the risks of consuming dairy? There are huge side effects and warnings should be printed on the side of every jug and carton.

Few people have seen or heard anything other than what The National Dairy Counsel has paid hundreds of millions for them to hear. But let’s block out their message, from which they make astounding profits and use our common sense for a minute. Which other being in existence drinks milk past the age of weaning or drinks the milk of a completely different species?  Humans have no resemblance to cows whatsoever. They have four stomachs! We don’t possess the enzymes to break down the proteins in cow’s milk. But since we begin our children on cow’s milk from infancy then a tolerance is built to try to handle this substance. Some handle it better than others but it is just not something our system should have to deal with. The main problem with dairy is it is mucus forming. Walk into an ear nose and throat office and count the number of children in the waiting room because of chronic sinus problems, allergies and clogged ears (chronic ear infections).  If dairy was removed from the equation then there would hardly be a need for the allergy medicines and tubes for the ears. Calcium – we don’t absorb all the calcium from dairy. If cows make all this calcium filled milk, where are they getting their calcium? Are they drinking orangutan milk? They are eating grass! We absorb more calcium from eating greens and other vegetables than we ever could from drinking cow’s milk. That is what humans were designed to do. Many people are able to digest yogurt who have problems with other forms of dairy. The only way to know if you are one of them is through experimentation.

Growing up I had ear infection after ear infection. My sinuses were a mess. At one point a doctor recommended that I have my tonsils taken out.  As a young adult I ate decongestants like candy to relieve the pressure in my ears. Then I began hearing this information and, always willing to experiment on myself, I gave up dairy. I mourned for the loss of my ice cream. I tried to substitute with a rice milk version – blech! I made my own pizza with non-dairy cheese which was actually amazingly good. I got used to living without dairy for eight months and did not really miss it. Then one night I was making pizza for my son and his friends when I convinced myself that eating one piece was no big deal and it was just a few bites of cheese, for crying out loud! So I ate the slice and it was GOOD!!!  I then spent several hours that night in the bathroom while my body did a perfect stomach flu impression.  My body had not had to tolerate the offending cow sludge for eight glorious months and let me know loud and clear that it wasn’t going to stand for it again.  I haven’t had a sinus infection or earache in over a decade. I’ve read about too many other people with the same results to count. Since I haven’t consumed cheese regularly for many years now I can and do allow myself to have some occasionally.

I know that this is a touchy subject. People feel very strongly about their dairy. Won’t their bones break without it? Won’t their children fail to thrive and grow? All I am asking is to have an open mind about the possibility that those are lessons given to us by people who are filthy rich because of our willingness to believe them. Entertain the idea of letting go of the dairy for a month or two and just see what happens. Then reintroduce it and see how you feel.  You might be surprised.