Amy After

Tips, motivation & advice for a gluten-free lifestyle

My Story

As fortune would have it, a friend told me about another doctor in town who was offering a weight loss program. I ignored all of my immediate objections (too expensive, not enough time, assured failure) and committed to doing whatever it took to shed the weight once and for all. I showed up for weigh-in each week which turned out to be a crucial part of my success. Accountability is so very important. Portion control and low carb was a focus of the meal plan but for several reasons I had to create my own menu. I had become a pescatarian (abstains from eating all animal flesh except fish) a year earlier and my education was in holistic nutrition which meant that “diet” and artificial foods and ingredients were not something I wanted any part of. I also discovered that I was gluten intolerant and had to eliminate all gluten to see astounding improvements in my health.

Through eating simple, pure and wholesome foods, or eating cleanly, I lost 130lbs in one year. I’ve lost 150lbs so far and want to shed 20lbs more. Now my blood pressure is great and my cholesterol is back in the healthy range and there is no more mention of needing any medications. I feel wonderful and all of the physical ailments, some of which were pretty serious, that I’d developed have completely vanished! Most of the aches, pains, allergies, etc. many of us have come to accept as a natural part of life can be a distant memory if you are given the right information.

I get incredibly frustrated with the messages about nutrition we are taught by the medical professionals and food manufacturers through the media.  Following the mainstream dietary recommendations makes us tired, sick and overweight. I want to teach you how to give your body what it needs to become the youthful, energetic creation it is meant to be.  Even though having the correct knowledge is paramount and the crucial first step, it is only part of the solution. If the proper nutritional education was the complete answer then I would’ve been slim and healthy fifteen years ago. I couldn’t seem to effectively apply this knowledge because of emotional barriers.  I also want to help guide you through common mental and emotional obstacles you might run into during the healthy transformation of your body.

So, it isn’t just about getting rid of  extra weight, it  is about giving your body and mind everything it needs to become younger, more vibrant and brimming with health!