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Helpful Links

Alicia Silverstone’s companion site to her book The Kind Diet. Has a great members community, wonderful healthy recipes and tips.

These are the only essential oils I’ll use for healing purposes. There is a great search feature that lets you read testimonials for specific oils or health conditions.

A great site that has a section where you can look up the toxic score of most cosmetics, bodycare and skincare you might be using. Very enlightening!

Has wonderful clocks and chimes which have many possible uses. I have the Zen Alarm Clock and will never go back to a traditional alarm. Fabulous company in Colorado with excellent customer service.

This is where I ordered my beautiful hula-hoop. After much research, I decided their hoops were the best and I have not been disappointed! They have wonderful instructional videos as well.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog site. I’ve gotten some of my favorite recipes from his site. She gives great hotel & restaurant recommendations for many major cities.

Lee Holden has excellent Qigong routines. His are the only Qigong videos I’ll buy.

This is where I ordered the niobium earrings I wrote about in my post.