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Atlanta – Yeah Burger!

Oh YEAH, YEAH, YEAH Burger!!!! This is a FABULOUS burger place (but oh so much more than that) located in the Virginia Highlands. They also have a midtown location but I’ve never tried that one.  I’ve dined here about a half a dozen times and each time there has been a very long line, but this place is truly worth the wait.

Everything is prepared with local ingredients and the gluten free person, as well as anyone else, has an infinite number of choices. You can build your burger from beef, bison, turkey, vegan black bean, gluten free veggie, or chicken. And THEY HAVE GLUTEN FREE BUNS!!!!  I don’t know why, with the plethora of gluten free bread choices on the market these days, more restaurants don’t offer this. But I digress…

Just take a look at their menu and I promise you’ll be blown away! My favorite lunch selection is a gluten free veggie burger (the turkey is delicious, too) on a gluten free bun, with roasted garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, pickles, etc. But they have so many more unusual toppings to choose from you could go every day of the week and never have the same burger twice. And the best part is that they have gluten free truffle parmesan fries, gluten free onion rings and crispy brussels sprouts. Yum!

They have a full bar, salads, hot dogs, desserts and wings too. Sigh….

As a gluten free diner I’m usually prepared to get a stripped down, bland (and bread-less) version of what’s on the menu so this place is and exhilarating place for me to be.  I can have just about anything anyone else is having without feeling  I’m singled out. So yeah, I will absolutely keep going back to Yeah Burger.