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Weigh-In Results Week One

I had my official weigh in after my first week of counting calories and I lost 2.5lbs! I’ve been doing my Tracy Anderson workouts and I’ve lost several inches from my waist/hips too! That Tracy is a miracle worker! Guess this means that the calories will be counted for another week. Sure hope I can make similar progress this week…

1200 Calorie a Day Experiment

I have never counted calories – ever. I can’t think of anything more tedious because 99% of my food is not  processed so there’s no handy listing of nutritional info on a box. I haven’t weighed and measured my food since attending Weight Watchers in the 80’s. That’s why this experiment will be so painful for me, well one of the reasons. But I am willing to take one for the team and devise a pescatarian, low carb, sugar free, gluten free, 1200 calorie a day menu.

I have thirty pounds more to lose and I need to shake things up to get the scale moving again. I’d LOVE to reach my goal by mid-summer. I’ll follow said menu for a week while sticking to my current 2x per day/6 day per week workout schedule to see what effect there is on my weight loss efforts. I’ll decide after the week is completed if I want to continue or revise. Time to head to the kitchen to start calculating!