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Burning Fat & Building Muscle on a Rebounder

I have been coming up with all manner of excuses this winter (the winter that will never end) for not walking outside. And as a Tracy Anderson devotee I thought I’d try one of the tools she advocates in some of her workouts – the rebounder. I ordered an Urban Rebounder from one of the home shopping networks. It was about $100 and they even broke it up into three pymts so it was painless. It was easy to put together and seems to be good decent quality.

The first few days I just walked and bounced around a bit for, maybe 5 – 10 minutes tops. Oh My Gosh. I absolutely could not believe it when the next day I was actually sore! And I was sore in the strangest places – the muscles along my spine were even sore. And I was thrilled that the muscles on the back of my thighs were feeling it too! It is amazing to me that just having some fun for a few minutes on this incredible mini trampoline can actually build muscle and burn calories at a terrific rate.

There’s tons of info on the internet if you search “benefits of rebounding” that I believe now to be completely true. The calories burned are compared to jogging more so than walking without all the damage done to your joints. So many tiny muscles which usually lay dormant are awakened because you are having to keep your balance while jumping around.

So if you want to try out a rebounder just set it up in front of your tv and every day or so while you are watching a show just spend 5 – 30 minutes:

  • Doing jumping jacks
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Twisting
  • Shuffling backward/forward & side to side

and voila! You are burning an impressive amount of calories, having fun and building muscle, which helps lower your body fat percentage.


Green Coffee Bean Extract – Put to the Test


I just saw on t.v. that everyone is buzzing about Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements.  It seemed interesting and I immediately got online and started doing a bit of research. I went to and read what various members were saying about this supplement. It seems as though the more popular nutritional “stacks” the hard core fitness buffs use have been including this ingredient in their products for some time. Only now that the mainstream culture is seeking this out are the companies promoting the green coffee more prominently.

It looked like around 90% of the entries were positive! I read over and over that when the extract was taken from 800mg – 1200mg per day people were noticing more alertness, stamina without the caffeine jitters and most importantly weight loss without any change in diet or exercise! Woo Hoo!!!

Of course no one should forsake eating healthy foods and keeping the ole body moving for taking a pill. But….. if taking a few supplements can accelerate my results then bring em’ on!

I’m on my way now to my local health food store to score my first bottle of this exciting supplement!  There are about eight weeks until the new year and I would love to be down about 20lbs by then to be at my best fighting weight. Will the Green Coffee Bean be just the help I’m looking for?

Will keep you posted. I’m off to the store!


I started taking the pills as directed and I noticed some heart palpitations/a small feeling of heaviness in my chest. Now, I only took the pills for two days and then stopped as this reaction was  – of course – alarming. I intended to stop the pills and then try them again but I just can’t bring myself to take them. The discomfort in my chest stopped when I discontinued the pills and a month later the symptoms never reoccured.

So….. even though it could’ve been a fluke I have decided that green coffee bean extract is not for me. I do, however, continue to take my Red Raspberry Ketones as they give me energy and make me feel great! Don’t laugh, but I call them my “Happy Pills!”

Is Indoor Rock Climbing Fatal?

I am stressing out about the climbing deadline that’s looming. Climbing outdoors, 5,000 miles away from home… I took off to the rock wall gym and having learned the hard way, warmed up and stretched first before getting on the wall. I was top roping on a 5.6 level which is the easiest level. That was fun! I’d just grab and step on all the holds and trek on up to the top. Fun! Unfortunately, I have to climb more than several grades harder to even think about going outdoors to climb.

I know that I’m doing it all wrong, I can feel it (and others telling me so is also a clue) and it’s making me panic! I MUST become a competent rock climber. I want it so badly!!! I decided that it’s time to get professional help. A couple of weeks ago while at the climbing gym I witnessed a women who obviously knew her stuff (she also had COACH emblazoned on her shirt) teaching a couple of teenaged girls how to boulder. I liked her manner and stayed until she was done teaching her lesson to ask her if she could possilbly help me. When I told her that I was an absolute beginner and that I wanted to be climbing outdoors in just a few months I braced myself for reaction of shock and disbelief. To her credit she just smiled and said it was indeed, possible. I can’t tell you the wave of relief and excitement that went through me. I trusted her and she had full confidence that I could actually become a real live rock climber.

I nervously met with my new coach, Emily, last week. She asked me some questions; did I have siblings, what was my favorite meal, was I better at math or English in school… She uses all this in fine tuning her teaching approach with each of her students. Brilliant! First she had me climb an easy wall just to see what good/bad techniques I was already using and then she steered me to an advanced wall with an overhang. I just stood there and stared incredulously. Really? I gracefully freaked out at that point. At her urging I approached the wall and did something to start elevating myself. I think I kind of blacked out at this point because the next thing I remember I was at the beginning of the overhang and the nice gentleman climbing next to me was telling me to breathe. Details, details…

After insisting that Emily lower me down I asked her what the point was of the public humiliation? She said that she wanted to see how I handled a challenging situation. Nailed it! So then we went to the beginners section which is usually swarming with kids but as it was late for a weeknight we had the place to ourselves. She broke the lessons down into the same curriculum she delivers to her five year old students which is exactly what I needed! She gave me drills to do on the kiddie walls over and over and over as my homework so I can build on efficient, solid techniques. Emily is wonderful. I’m squeezing in three climbing practice sessions this week before I see her next so I will hopefully make her proud.

Climb on!

Boot Camp

I finally got it together last week and began my new workout regime in earnest. I’ve been getting up at 5:00 a.m and doing an hour of toning with my The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Mat Workout DVD.  Tracy says to do a “muscular structure” video every day six days per week and change to a different video every ten workouts. Today was my fifth day of the mat video and after five more I’ll switch to her Perfect Design Series One.  Then each evening I do 40 to 60 minutes of cardio. I either walk outside – especially now when the temperature is so great – or elliptical & treadmill at the gym or “dance” around in my bedroom. So in a nutshell; I’m doing two workouts per day, six days per week.

To shake things up a little further I decided to join a boot camp two nights per week. I’ve never done one and was really nervous about it. I had visions from The Biggest Loser of screaming trainers and the poor participants collapsing all over the floor. I suited up and showed up earlier tonight, ready for anything. We were in a gymnasium which brought me straight back to gym class in elementary school. I was much relieved when my super-trim trainer was smiling and sweet through the entire hour. We lunged, squatted, ran, kicked, planked and yes – I actually ran laps around the gym. I was red faced and gasping for air before too long but as we ended the class with some relaxing yoga I was so glad I’d joined.

Two hours later I’m feeling exactly how I imagine  over cooked spaghetti must feel. I’m wondering how I’ll manage to get my face washed tonight without actually raising my arms…