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Mmmm….. Smells Like Fresh Baked Bread!

Want to know about a “food” that has changed my life? I don’t know if you call it a food or a supplement but I LOVE IT!!!

It tastes salty and cheesy, and smells like bread baking in the oven. I sprinkle it on veggies, on pasta, in my soup and on top of popcorn! It’s called Nutritional Yeast and yes, the name sounds incredibly unappetising, I know. But I’m telling you, you have got to try this stuff.  The one I use is by KAL.

Various tidbits:

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Made in the US
  • Non GMO
  • Low sodium
  • Inexpensive – $12.00 for about 30 servings.

And here’s my absolute favorite part – It has from between 150% – 820% of the recommended daily allowance of all the different B vitamins!!!! You know, the vitamins that give you tons of energy! People go to the doctor to get vitamin B-12 shots for energy and metabolism and this stuff has 720% of B-12 in just three tablespoons!!! In fact, I just had my annual check up and the doctor even remarked about how much B-12 showed up in my bloodwork. I thought that was hysterical!

WARNING: You can have too much of a good thing.  I’ve been adding a couple of tablespoons to my food every day for the past few months without any problems at all (except becoming practically addicted to it!) So the other night I was sprinkling some into my Tomato Basil Soup when I decided that if a little tastes so delicious then a lot will be that much better. So I dumped a ton of the yeast into my soup. It dissolved and was indeed, scrumptious. After licking my bowl clean I started feeling kind of itchy. I looked down at my arms and they were bright red and covered with hives! Same with my stomach.

I used to have allergic reactions to beef, back in my red meat eating days so I knew to take my Benadryl immediately. Then I Googled “nutritional yeast hives” and a bunch of hits came up people who had eaten too much and had the same reaction as I had. I was fine an hour later but had to back off of my overzealous yeast consumption. Now I’m back to a couple of tablespoons a day and it’s all good.

If you need some ideas on ways to try it, just let me know! And if you have your own favorite dishes using nutritional yeast then please share them.

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