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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Put to the Test


I just saw on t.v. that everyone is buzzing about Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements.  It seemed interesting and I immediately got online and started doing a bit of research. I went to and read what various members were saying about this supplement. It seems as though the more popular nutritional “stacks” the hard core fitness buffs use have been including this ingredient in their products for some time. Only now that the mainstream culture is seeking this out are the companies promoting the green coffee more prominently.

It looked like around 90% of the entries were positive! I read over and over that when the extract was taken from 800mg – 1200mg per day people were noticing more alertness, stamina without the caffeine jitters and most importantly weight loss without any change in diet or exercise! Woo Hoo!!!

Of course no one should forsake eating healthy foods and keeping the ole body moving for taking a pill. But….. if taking a few supplements can accelerate my results then bring em’ on!

I’m on my way now to my local health food store to score my first bottle of this exciting supplement!  There are about eight weeks until the new year and I would love to be down about 20lbs by then to be at my best fighting weight. Will the Green Coffee Bean be just the help I’m looking for?

Will keep you posted. I’m off to the store!


I started taking the pills as directed and I noticed some heart palpitations/a small feeling of heaviness in my chest. Now, I only took the pills for two days and then stopped as this reaction was  – of course – alarming. I intended to stop the pills and then try them again but I just can’t bring myself to take them. The discomfort in my chest stopped when I discontinued the pills and a month later the symptoms never reoccured.

So….. even though it could’ve been a fluke I have decided that green coffee bean extract is not for me. I do, however, continue to take my Red Raspberry Ketones as they give me energy and make me feel great! Don’t laugh, but I call them my “Happy Pills!”

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