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Perfect Skin with a Clarisonic Mia?

Since I had been reading about the Clarisonic facial cleansers and the Clarisonic Mia’s for a couple of years now, I decided to buy one for myself last holiday season. I delighted in being able to choose between all the beautiful and fun colors that were available and ultimately chose the Berry (bright pink) one.  It came with a sensitive cleaning brush.

My skin is on the oily side, especially in summer, and I have been battling the cursed hormonal breakouts along my jawline for decades. I was introduced to the idea of using a skincare “system” back in the day as a nineteen year old when I attended my first Mary Kay party. No matter which brand I have used since that time I always used the designated products for:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Spot Treatment (if necessary) or Masking
  4. Moisturizing

Everyone I’d spoken to who was using a Clarisonic just raved about theirs. This was so exciting – combining the hope of clearer skin with having a new toy! Well…

I used the Mia every morning and every night with my cleanser. I would first remove my makeup with cleanser and a washcloth and then put more cleanser on my face and use the Mia. I eliminated the toning step as I didn’t want to irritate my skin and kept up the remaining steps as usual. I was super surprised at how my face reacted! It got really, really dry.

Sahara Desert territory

But my breakouts started clearing up too! Hurray for Mia!!!! I switched to using the pure Argan oil I’d bought in Morocco instead of my usual moisturizer and everything evened out.  The brush head is supposed to be replaced every three months so I did switch to the normal one and I really can’t tell any difference between the two.  So to recap my results –

90% clearer skin

80% less oily

100% success!!!!!!

UPDATE: 8 Months Later

I am still using my Mia every day. Sometimes I use it at night only when I need to remove every trace of makeup. I am diligent about replacing the cleansing head every three months and to dry it completely after each use (to keep it from getting that musty odor) and I am still thrilled with my Clarisonic Mia. I still get minor breakouts due to hormones but it’s so much better than it’s been ever before. I LOVE it when something performs exactly as it is advertised.


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