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New Gluten Free Guide

One of the most crucial parts of losing over 160lbs for me was getting gluten out of my diet. Even more importantly, my health improved by about 1,000%! No more swelling, achy joints, digestive problems, resistance to weight loss, foggy thinking, high blood pressure, extreme weight fluctuations… There are SO MANY people out there who are suffering on a daily basis who don’t have to. I am approached over and over by people who know that I have a gluten intolerance and are curious to know if they too might have it. I find myself having┬áthe exact conversation with every one of them, answering the same questions and offering the same explanations. They just need to know the basics, short and simple.

I found myself fervently wishing that I had a complete, but┬áconcise and straight forward guide I could steer them toward to answer their questions. There are many websites, blogs and books out there addressing the subject but nothing exactly like I wished for them. It finally dawned on me to just go ahead and write one! I’m working on it now and will make it available on this site as an ebook. I am excited about it as it will hit all the high points and help people decide if they very well could be suffering from this problem and could change their own lives by applying this crucial information themselves.

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