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800 Calorie Experiment – Week One

After having way too much fun over the summer, I am now back from hiatus. To recap, last spring I was following a 1,200 calorie a day menu. Accompanied by almost daily exercising I was enjoying a nice and slow, but steady weight loss. I have no earthly idea how many calories were consumed over the past four months as I certainly was not counting. My weight fluctuated a bit but I ended the summer in virtually the same place as I started.

Now it’s time to get back to business. I’ve lowered my ultimate goal weight and as of today have 20lbs to lose. For reasons which I will disclose in a future post, I have been unable to exercise for the past two months and I never dreamed that I’d actually miss it! So, since I am still pretty restricted with my physical activity I am trying out an 800 calorie per day eating plan. I’m still gluten-free and low-carb. I try to keep my net carbs below 30 grams per day. The significant change as of late is that after almost three years of being a pescatarian, I have added chicken and turkey back to my menu. I’ve just completed my first week at this amount and lost four lbs. That’s really exciting but I’m nervous that I can’t keep the losses coming without exercise…

I know that this is a contraversial thing to do. The theory goes that if one’s calories are too low, the metabolism will self adjust to that level and weight loss will be impossible. That possibility does make me nervous, especially without the exercise as that forces the metabolism to rev up. But I am willing to use myself as a guinea pig (as usual) and see what happens.  I can say for sure that when my caloric intake is between 800-1,000 per day – I feel fabulous!!! My mind is clear , I have lots of energy and never have to suffer through the mid afternoon yawning attacks. So I wonder how something that’s bad for me could make me feel so good?? When my calories are around 1,200 I feel more lethargic and for lack of a better description, just “over-fed.”  Let’s see how week two goes, shall we?

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