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Sunless Tanner Review

I spent the 80’s baking myself in tanning beds, on a blanket in the back yard and beside the neighborhood pool. By the end of the decade I couldn’t ignore news stories about the skin cancer and premature aging I was signing up for, so the sun and I parted ways. Of course later I ran out to the cosmetics counter to eagerly purchase one of the first sunless tanning creams to go on sale and suffered the, “what are all those splotches” remarks for my trouble. A few years later I worked in an office that offered spray tans. When the clients came out of the room they looked nice, but everyone complained about “the smell.” I was convinced that there were no valid tanning options and that I was condemned to living my life the exact color & hue as the whitest of bedsheets. I made my peace with it.

Until I saw some information while surfing online about a chemical free Lavera Self Tanner Lotion – 5 oz. It was pricier than the drugstore versions and around the same as the department store brands but it wasn’t supposed to have the yucky sunless tanner odor. I ordered one for the body and one for the face. The lotion goes on clear and has a very pleasant scent. The one for the body develops a truly wonderful brown color by morning – not the dreaded orange. Sadly, after an hour or so there is a hint of that ole familiar smell, however it’s not strong enough to be a bother. It took a few applications to get the technique under control enough to avoid “the splotches” but that was user error and not the fault of the product. The one made specifically for the face has to be applied as a moisturizer each night for five nights before the color really shows up. They say it’s so that any application mistakes aren’t glaring on an area that can’t be hidden. I do appreciate that but I need a little more instant gratification than that. So, in summary I will continue to use Lavera because of the lovely brown color and the absence of chemicals and parabens. It will be nice to not glow in the dark for a change!

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