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Homeopathy – Miracle or Hoax??

I moved across country from the southeast to the southwest with my young son in the mid-nineties. Within a few days of arriving in our new town he became very ill. He had a raging fever and kept going in and out of consciousness. No words can describe how terrified I was. While waiting in the doctor’s office which was bursting at the seams with patients, he was draped over my lap like a rag doll, almost too hot to touch. After his exam by the internist I was told that it was a virus and there was nothing that could be done except (say it with me) fluids and rest and that he should feel better within a few days to a week.

Mother’s intuition told me that waiting and watching was not enough in this case so I took him back to our new  home and called another mother whom I’d met the day before . She told me that she used homeopathy for her own daughter and gave me the name and number of a practitioner who was close by. I had never heard of homeopathy but I was desperate enough to try almost anything and something told me to trust her. I hung up and phoned this lady who proceeded to ask me all kinds of questions about my son’s symptoms (way more in depth than the Dr. had) and told me to come by to pick up his remedy. They were little white pellets he was to let dissolve under his tongue. She told me that if this was the right formula for him that he would fall into a deep, deep sleep and wake up in perfect health. If it wasn’t the correct one then his condition would remain the same. Talk about sounding too good to be true! I picked up the pellets, did as she said and lo and behold he woke up two hours later and begged to go outside to play! He had no fever and his energy level was back to normal. It was as if the illness had never existed. If I hadn’t witnessed this with my own eyes I would never have believed it!

Since then I’ve used homeopathic remedies on myself and loved ones countless times and have been amazed over and over. It saddens me that the general population either doesn’t  know about, or doesn’t trust this miraculous resource. I think of all the pain and suffering that people could be spared in so many instances if everyone only knew that this powerful and inexpensive tool was available.

To sum it up simply, homeopathy is a 200 year old method of healing that is based on the “law of similars.” That means that you take a remedy that is supposed to cause the same symptoms that you are already suffering from, much like the principal behind vaccines. Your body then is able to effectively target the particular ailment and eradicate it. If you take the correct remedy then you’ll swear you’ve experienced a miracle. If you take an incorrect remedy then nothing at all will happen. There aren’t nasty side effects and your body isn’t damaged in any way. Either you’re healed or you keep looking for the correct formula.

While living out west I suffered  for the first time with allergies in the spring. When whatever it was was blooming my eyes watered like faucets and the sneezing fits were unbearable. I plowed my way through my local health food store with fistfuls of tissues praying I could find quick relief.  I grabbed one of the dozens of allergy remedies and hoped for the best. While standing in the check out line I pried open the bottle and downed a mouthful of pellets. Everyone was staring – I was a mess! But by the time I got into my car I was feeling better. Twenty or so minutes after that all symptoms were resolved. As long as I kept that remedy at hand and took it first thing each morning, I didn’t have to deal with allergies again.

If you want to give homeopathy a try, you have better odds consulting with a homeopathic practitioner.  If you live in a bigger city you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one. If you are in a rural area then do your own research and make and educated guess for appropriate remedies. You have nothing to lose as they have no destructive side effects and usually cost less than $10. Of course medical emergencies are not the time to discover homeopathy!  Try it out first with milder illnesses or bumps and bruises (tip: take Arnica for those!)

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